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Four Major Problems On Android Devices And Their Solutions.

        Android OS is a very wonderful operating system and has been the most versatile and simplest of all other mobile operating systems. But, as wonderful as the Android OS is, the devices which carry this OS face a lot of limitations as a result of inadequate provision of chips and ICs the fully utilize the awesomeness of Android. It’s great to know that the newest Android devices have improved greatly in terms of these limitations but are still yet to attain utmost expectations.
Four Major Problems On Android Devices And Their Solutions. %tags%Category

          Well, since these devices are not yet able to meet our satisfaction, what we have to do is tweak and make it satisfactory as much as we can. So in this article I’m gonna be sharing with you the four most common problems with Android devices and how to minimize or solve them completely.
The major problems encountered on Android are:
1. High temperature
2. Low RAM (slow running)
3. Battery issues and
4. Data Consumption
Though RAM issues have had tremendous improvements in the latest releases of Android devices, the other three issues still remain a big challenge. Today, you’re gonna be learning how to minimize these problems and enjoy your Android better.

High Temperature issues
This is a situation where your device gets very hot up to the point that it could boil a glass of water (just exaggerating). The possible causes are; too many running apps, your 3G/HSPA network is turned on, your Wi-Fi or Hot is turned on or your device is not getting enough air.
Solution: Force stop all unnecessary running apps or reboot your device, make sure to turn off your Wi-Fi and Hot-spot connection, turn off your data is its not in use and finally, make sure your device is getting enough air.

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Low RAM Issues
If you have a RAM less than 1GB, then you might need this because your phone will usually kill all inactive apps when you try to open another app. This is because there is not enough memory to hold the data of the new app you want to open, so in order to free up some memory, it kills other inactive apps and wipes their memory from the RAM. This process is what makes your device run slow.
Solution: Uninstall all the apps that are not useful to you, you can use the famous app REHOSOFT RAM Expander to expand your device RAM but make sure your storage device write speed is very fast in order to get a better experience. Then finally, be patient with your device.

Battery Issues
Battery is not really much of an issue but the ignorance of Android users makes it a very big issue. Every device battery was built to suit it’s running standards. Here are the possible causes of quick battery drainage on Android devices; 3G/HSPA network is turned on, High screen brightness, high contrast display, long display timeout, too many running apps, phone running temperature, motion wallpapers, third party launcher apps and some other few things yet to be discovered.
Solution: turn off mobile data when not in use, reduce screen brightness to minimal or set it at auto, reduce your display timeout or always press the power button to put the phone to sleep whenever you are done with it, hibernate all running apps(download a software “Greenify” it enables automatic hibernation of apps) , cool down the temperature of your device, remove motion wallpaper and replace with a static picture and Finnaly, use your device default launcher.

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Data Issues
Users with limited mobile data subscription usually have the complaints of not been able to enjoy their data subscription till its expiry. Some complain of not using it at all. The thing is that a normal Android device with all its services usually consumes over 100MB data daily and at the end of 30days(a month) you have used up about 3GB. So Evey Android device needs about 3GB data to run it on a monthly basis. But if you cannot afford 3GB, there is an alternative plan. You can get a cheaper data plan and it would carry you for a month. Here is what you need to do; download my favorite data saving app “Mobiwol” from play store or any other Android app market and install it on your device. Open the app, click on “firewall rules”, then you will see all your apps that has internet access. Click on “options”, select “mobile” and then click on “Block all mobile”. This action will disable all your apps from gaining internet access. You can now go back to firewall rules and manually select the apps you want to get internet access by clicking on the mobile network symbol by the right side of the app. Turn the firewall on and start browsing with less data consumption. All remember to turn on the Mobiwol whenever you restart your device.

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Things to avoid
*Do not install more than 80-100 apps on your device to avoid slowing down and enhance boot speed.
*Avoid your screen getting cracked, you’ll have sensor malfunctionings.
*Do not allow your device battery go completely dead. Each time your battery goes completely dead, the life span of your battery reduces.
*Make sure the temperature of your phone is always cool.
*Avoid battery saver apps. They drain your battery the more. I would recommend “Clean Master” for you. It’s very effective but it draws battery too.

Put all these solutions to work and you’ll love your Android device. Share this post with your friends to help them out too.


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