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7 Reasons Why Being A People Pleaser Is Bad For You

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A people pleaser always wishes to keep everyone happy at the cost of his own happiness, which is a huge sacrifice and totally not worth it. We interact with a lot of people in our life and make new friends and relationships. Sometimes, we try too hard to keep up with them and satisfy their whims and feelings, and in doing so, compromise on our own.

Here’re 7 Reasons Why Being A People Pleaser Is Bad For You

1. You cannot please each and every person at the same time

No matter how much you try, you cannot end up pleasing everyone at the same instant. Now you are in a position where you have to choose one over the other. So it’s best you go with whomever you REALLY want to go.

2. You will lose your self-esteem

Just because you don’t want to make someone unhappy, doesn’t mean that he gets to boss you around. Have your own choices and decisions and then react accordingly on others’ wishes.

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3. You will never learn to say “NO”

This is a big step and somewhat related with the former. If you think that you won’t be able to handle the pressure, then go ahead, take a stand for yourself and say “NO”. Trust me, it won’t hurt.

4. It takes a toll on your mental health

When you aim at being a people pleaser you go through constant worrying and thinking for others takes a toll on your mental health and as a result, you become weak in nature.

5. You won’t be able to speak out your mind

Being a people pleaser forces you to restrict yourself as you feel that your words might offend another and thus reduces your own uniqueness and originality.

6. You won’t have time for self love

When you spend your time figuring out ways to please others you forget about taking time to please yourself. When you don’t love yourself enough you become a burden to yourself.

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7. You will be exploited

Sometimes people tend to take advantages on you if you are busy in catering to their needs and happiness. They will use you for their own personal needs and vendettas, when actually; they do not even care for you.

People pleaser is what many of us have become thanks to the pressure from society. Be a little selfish and try to keep yourself happy.

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