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6 Habits Of Wealthy People You Must Adopt Now

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“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” -Steve Jobs

There are few in this world who can consistently attract wealth and success in their life over and over again.

And those who cannot, seem to always envy those who “get it” in life. They think they are cheating, or they just got lucky over and over again. Or they are the type of person who just has secret rich parents or was given an inheritance that no one knows about. People have all kinds of accusations for the wealthy, successful people in our world.

The truth is that most of the successful people out there have cultivated particular habits that have allowed them consistently see success in their life. None of them were born successful…they all just learned the habits that give them a high reward in life and made them a part of their daily life.

Too many people refuse to learn from wealthy individuals out of “pride” or “ignorance” or god knows what. These people aren’t getting any closer to their goals.

So are YOU the type of person who gets bitter at the thought of a wealthy individual?? Is looking at them with envy getting you any closer to your personal goals or happiness? If your answer is no, maybe it’s time you stop the jealous rage and start adopting the habits that make these people so successful.

6 Wealthy Habits

1. Rich people take risks.

This is probably the thing that I have preached most heavily on this website. It is crucial to success in life…it really doesn’t matter what were talking about. Nothing in life comes easy and nothing comes without being a little a risky. You have to take chances in life if you ever want to experience the best rewards. Wealthy people understand this because they had to take a lot of chances to get where they are today. Whether they started a business, invested all their earnings into a single startup, or dedicated their entire 20′s to becoming a famous musician, they took a chance. These are things that are not likely to work out, and have low success rates. People have to be a little foolish to take these chances. But the thing is, most people aren’t “foolish” and decide to play it safe. This leaves a lot of room for massive success. It doesn’t matter what your goals are. Sooner or later, you’ll have to put something on the line, and take a risk if you want to give yourself a chance at success. And if you fail, it’s never as bad you think and I promise you’ll be able to recover. Start taking risks and become very comfortable with risk. 

2. Rich people stay away from satisfaction.

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This one is a little bit counterintuitive because most people would think becoming wealthy would be very satisfying. And I’m sure it is. But wealthy people do not allow themselves to get caught up in the satisfaction. They are constantly growing and improving and the feeling of satisfaction tends cause people to stop. They feel they have completed and they do not need to go any further. But those who experience a lifetime of wealth cannot just stop or eventually they will run out of money. So they shy away from that feeling so that they are always hungry for me, and constantly striving for more goals.

3. Rich people take criticism.

This is a tough one for me personally. And I know I am not alone. Human’s natural tendency is to get defensive when other people try to tell us we are doing something wrong. Even if the criticism is meant to be constructive advice, the moment people feel they are being criticized, our defense mechanisms shield up and we immediately stop listening, and start getting into a “fight back” mode. This is a shame. People who have attracted wealth consistently use criticism as a form of learning, and a way of getting stronger. Criticism is not a bad thing. It’s a way of reminding us we are human…and it only matters if we let it get to us.

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4. Rich People Never Say Never.

NEVER. Because the moment they say never, is the moment they give up. And wealthy people didn’t get their treasures by giving up. Never say something can’t be done. IT CAN. You just have to believe and work really damn hard.

5. Rich people teach themselves.

Most people stop learning when they get out of school. They think “Okay, I got my degree, now I can tell myself that I know everything I need to know, so I don’t have to learn anything else. I’m done”. And this is a problem. Because we should never stop learning. I try to learn something new everyday (many things actually) and I’m always seeking out new knowledge. I got this habit from rich people themselves…because they have never stopped learning and they take the liberty of teaching themselves everyday. Read books, take on mentors, listen to podcasts, read blogs, etc.

6. Rick people are accountable for their actions.

Stop playing the blame game because it is not getting you anywhere. Blaming your mistakes and blunders on others is only losing you friends and is in no way getting you closer to your goals. Rich people take accountability for themselves at all times. Whether they lose a million dollars for their investors or they sell a business for $30 million…they take responsibility for both. NO MORE BLAMING. If you want the credit for your successes, then start taking responsibility for your failures.

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…(Bonus) 7. Rich people give credit to others.

Taking #6 one step further, rich people give credit to others. They make sure others always feel important and are included in their success. They don’t need credit for the success, because who gets credit does not matter to them. Rich people drop their egos because the only thing that matters to them is results. Who cares who gets credit for the results??

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